Burning Diplomacy

4/21 Beginning our Adventure

Session 1

We decided to add regional/racial traits to the game.
Gregor is from the Valleys
Dan is from the mountains near the pass relevant to our quest.

Regional Traits

  • Plains – Hard Working, Ambitious
  • Valley – Proud, No Nonsense
  • Mountains – Superstitious, Compulsive, Stands Slightly too Close (Personal Space Boundaries, like the Adem)
  • Desert – Brusque, Dusty
  • Coast – Bland, Cryptic
  • Forest – Brutal, Dutiful

Getting Started

Gregor was accompanying the inspector who was checking on the status of the standing armies of Jondor when Rokestan attempted to move into our land.
Dan was part of the army, and was tapped to take advantage of his knowledge of the terrain.

We are initially briefed by General Maximilian, a fairly elderly general, well known by reputation, decorated.
We are being sent with an official delegate to negotiate reparations.
The representative is a Lady Alari Jondor.
We are met by a Marshal Rogers, and the Noble Lady, the lady wears the colors of her land, green and bronze.

She’s reasonably tall, quite pretty. Dressed in fairly light linen traveling clothes.
The Marshal was looking a tad taken aback.

We explain that we are aware of our mission parameters, and make assurances that we will be prepared.

Traveling with Lady Alari Jondor

We are stopping at the city run by the Duke of Jondor.
We are equipped with horses and packs of rations.
We are in the middle of summer.
Our journey takes us along the road going east, stopping at inns for meals and to rest. As we move into the wilder lands between the cities, the inns and crossroads become more fortified and make concessions to the nature of being further from the core of the empire.

We found a wagon overturned by the side of the road, it was the kind of wagon used by the King’s Army, and there is blood indicating that at least one person riding it was hurt/killed.

An individual wagon is likely to hold simple goods, or the materials to make things. Anything more significant, a shipment of weapons, or foodstuffs, would be part of a convoy, and more heavily protected.

Dan is unable to find much in the line of footprints when trying to discover the people who did this, but he did find the body of a man, presumably the driver of the wagon.

Career soldiers tend to get a set of dog tags made, to aid in the record keeping of the kingdom.

The man is a trooper, a veteran soldier, he was probably set to escort this wagon as part of a delivery. His dog tags were left behind, this is probably because they are traceable, and it is considered a punishable offence to be in possession of one that you do not have adequate reason to have.

His name was David Gardiner, logistics trooper, probably the driver.
He has been regularly bounced between serving in the capital and at least 2 other earldoms before being moved back to the capital. He should have been part of a compliment of between 2 and 6, there is no sign of the others.

When we reached the next inn, Gregor attempted to get the innkeeper to send a messenger back to the capital, to inform them that Trooper Gardiner had been killed and his charge had been waylaid. Along with whatever other soldiers had been traveling with him.

While Dan is in the common room, he spots a slightly suspicious group of 3 men. They are subtly armed, and claim to be purchasing food for a slightly larger group than usual.

Alari appears to be researching legal texts to help her get a treaty set up.

Dan left to investigate them. He followed them out of town, to find an adobe cabin type thing out in the wilds. The door is a rag hung across the frame, as they don’t have much in the line of wood around here.

Gregor remembered that there’s a Knight in the area, presumably with some men at arms that we could possibly persuade to help us in this pursuit. Gregor decides that we should look into getting him to start an investigation, and asking Lady Alari to allow us the detour.

Character Creation
The start of many things.

The game was offically started with a great deal of “ok…how about” brainstorming.

The game begins with the two players on a quest, or a mission rather.
On a quest of some sort. On a mission to a recently hostile nation. Now not an ally, but at least at peace. Our kingdom has a strong supply of iron and steel, and this other nation attempted to capture a region rich in iron.
Our kingdom won through attrition – the enemy kingdom attempted to invade, planning to sweep the forces, but were held up by several castles which held out against the invaders.

Monsters are present. A few are intelligent.

Kingdom: Quasi-Europe. Gunpowder, but no guns (at least here).

Our Kingdom is a mountainous and flatlands, but few forests. Not land-locked, but lacks resources to build a large navy.
Enemy kingdom is to the north-east, through a series of passes.

Cities vary from civil level of development, some nobles are more clean, some less.
Nobles: Def a thing.
Nobles have knights, and men-at-arms.
The King recruits and maintains the standing army. These soldiers are given out to nobles, who serve as commanders.

Magical bloodline may not be royal line.
Magic is rare, socially acceptable to be a small time practitioner, less so to be Gandalf. Court mages are powerful, but not army-shattering.
No demons or outsiders. Fey are a thing, but rare. – Tangible result.


Magic: Yes, genetic; Both verbal and somatic components. Only passed down through female side. There was

Faith: Only affects own religion, or at least harder to affect people of other faiths.
Greek – arete? Fulfill destiny. Living honorably, pursue destiny, die and go to valhalla.


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