The key ideal of this region of the world is moral virtue (Similar to Arete). People are brought up to strive to complete their destiny, to reach their full potential in life. Many aspects play into what it means to fulfill one’s destiny, which vary from city to city. Most towns and villages have a slightly different idea of what it needed to complete such a task. Bravery, strength of body, strength of mind, virtue, chivalry, knowledge, wit, cunning, skill at arms, or effective use of one’s talents are all dabbled around in discussion of the issue.

The purpose of the raising of these ideals is self-improvement, of reaching one’s own potential. The ability to fulfill one’s potential is up to the believer, not to the Heroes. There is no fate or divine destiny that determine how potential is found. Instead, the stories of heroes and the ideals that they promote are the guiding elements of the Faith. Believers attend temple services, to hear the stories of their heroes in order to be inspired to reach for their greater capacity.


Nations and cities have patron heroes that are standards to which citizens hold their ideals to. All have many stories attributed to them, but scholars theorize (and can sometimes trace through records) the evolution of the myths of the heroes. The various heroes of the world are a diverse bunch. Many were great warriors, leaders of men and champions of their cities. Others are from more peaceful lifestyles, of farming, crafting, or writing. Their stories are the key aspect, of the hero learning the value of the various key traits and their journey toward achieving Arete.

Faith in the world

In the world, believers are common, and the vast majority of the populous regularly attend temple services. Most cities have large religious bodies, of clerics and priests of dedicated toward their gods. Many kingdoms have a single nation-spanning religious hierarchy for their national heroes and ideals, but most nations allow other heroic beliefs.


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