Capital: Khorvosa
Major Cities: Jondor, + 5 others
Towns of Note:
Other Settlements of note:
Languages: Khorvik
Leaders: King Hadren Karathel
Population: largely populated,
Religion: Heroic Worship:
Reference names:


Khorvistan is a large kingdom, stretching almost a thousand miles east to west, and four hundred north to south. The kingdom enjoys a mild climate – summers are hot, winters are short and wet, and spring lasts long.


Several cultural groups have joined together to form the kingdom of Khorvistan. First are the people of the Northern Mountains, historically traders and herders. They are a small portion of the population, and an independent bunch. Physically, they are fair and black of hair, and tending on the short side.

The second group are the plains people, a hardy and sturdy folk.


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