Magic in the World

Magic is a mysterious and powerful force in the world. It is feared by most and sought by a rare few. Magic is only found in a small number of people in the world, and is made rarer by only gifted women being able to bear gifted offspring. Gifted males, though fertile, never produce a gifted child, unless the mother is gifted. Both parents being gifted does not seem to have any correlation to the strength or chance of being gifted of the offspring.

Magic, or The Art, is a powerful tool in the hands of an able-minded user. Most usages seem to be destructive, although with care many other uses have been developed. The power of a sorcerer is variable, although more experienced sorcerers are more powerful. Mastery and the body’s ability to sustain magic is expanded by using magic, making more practiced and active sorcerers more powerful. Magic also extends the life span of the sorcerer, and in rare cases slows the aging process as well.

Sorcerers in Society

The various magical bloodlines are both feared and much sought after – Kings and Emperors know that a few skilled sorcerers are able to change the course of a battle. Most common folk fear magic, as numerous villains in story and legend use magic to commit terrible acts. One key figure of history was a powerful sorcerer named Maeve, a woman who used her powers to enslave the minds of kings and heroes. She was eventually defeated by a hero wielding an anti-magic sword. As a result, gifted individuals who practice to openly are feared, and sometimes even killed. Gifted individuals may never become the ruler of a land, and many places limit the power of women, fearing a hidden gift.

Terms for Magic Users

Gifted – anyone with potential for magic, trained or not
Awakened – A gifted who has some amount of training in magical arts.
Sorcerer (or Sorceress) – An awakened who has completed an apprenticeship or equivalent training in sorcery.
Necromancer – A Sorcerer who raises the dead
Summoner – A sorcerer who calls creatures from other worlds
Wizard – The same as Sorcerer
Witch- The Same as Sorcerer
Theurge – A Sorcerer who is also one of the Faithful. Very rare.


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