Burning Diplomacy

Character Creation

The start of many things.

The game was offically started with a great deal of “ok…how about” brainstorming.

The game begins with the two players on a quest, or a mission rather.
On a quest of some sort. On a mission to a recently hostile nation. Now not an ally, but at least at peace. Our kingdom has a strong supply of iron and steel, and this other nation attempted to capture a region rich in iron.
Our kingdom won through attrition – the enemy kingdom attempted to invade, planning to sweep the forces, but were held up by several castles which held out against the invaders.

Monsters are present. A few are intelligent.

Kingdom: Quasi-Europe. Gunpowder, but no guns (at least here).

Our Kingdom is a mountainous and flatlands, but few forests. Not land-locked, but lacks resources to build a large navy.
Enemy kingdom is to the north-east, through a series of passes.

Cities vary from civil level of development, some nobles are more clean, some less.
Nobles: Def a thing.
Nobles have knights, and men-at-arms.
The King recruits and maintains the standing army. These soldiers are given out to nobles, who serve as commanders.

Magical bloodline may not be royal line.
Magic is rare, socially acceptable to be a small time practitioner, less so to be Gandalf. Court mages are powerful, but not army-shattering.
No demons or outsiders. Fey are a thing, but rare. – Tangible result.


Magic: Yes, genetic; Both verbal and somatic components. Only passed down through female side. There was

Faith: Only affects own religion, or at least harder to affect people of other faiths.
Greek – arete? Fulfill destiny. Living honorably, pursue destiny, die and go to valhalla.


Fetter Fetter

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