King's Army

His majesty, King Hadren Karathel maintains a powerful standing army, one of few standing armies in the region.


The King’s Army is recruited compromised of men and women from across Khorvistan. In times of peace, the soldiery are exclusively voluntary. When a stronger army is needed, in times of war or political stress, numbers are bolstered by levies and the personal men-at-arms and knights of the nobility.
The army is divided into companies, and assigned to the command of the King’s Nobles. Nobles use the soldiers to protect their lands, to maintain and repair civil structures, and in tern feed and house the soldiers, and maintain combat effectiveness through training. The King’s House equips soldiers with weapons and armor, and the Nobles are required to maintain equipment.


The King’s army is issued standardized weapons and armor, and are responsible for caring for their gear. Weapons and armor are issued based on the type of soldier, with spears being the most commonly issued weapon. Swords, axes, and other weapons are common among the soldiery, as the King’s House controls several rich iron-mines, and produces quality weapons for the army.
Soldiers are also issued general gear, a mess kit, shoes, and clothing fitting for wearing for work and war. In addition, the King’s tabard is given to his soldiers. Nobles also issue tabards, with their sigil split with the King’s.


  • Lord-Marshal: The King
  • Marshal: A noble General
  • General: Highest rank achievable by a non-noble soldier, although rarely
  • Knight-Captain: A Knighted Captain
  • Knight-Lieutenant: A Knighted Lieutenant
  • Captain: A commander of a company
  • Lieutenant: A second in command to a Captain
  • Master Sergeant: oversees sergeants, reports to the Captain
  • Sergeant: Leads a squad of soldiers
  • Trooper, Scout, Sapper, Marine: Trained, Specialized soldiers. Men-at-arms are of equal rank.
  • Cavalrymen, Heavies: Elite Soldiers
  • Soldier: Trained Soldier
  • Conscript/Levies: Untrained soldiers.

King's Army

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