Peoples of Khorvistan

Khorvistan is home to several ethic groups: The Plains, Valley, Mountain, and Coast people.

The People of the Plains

The people of the plains make up the majority of the population, and the majority of the nobility. The average look of the people are tan, with dark hair and eyes, and of average height. Although they are often farmers, they work to improve their lives through military service and learning other trades. Most see them as ambitious, as they are constantly seeking improvement in life and as hard working. They are a producive people and supply the majority of the food and clothing to Khorvistan at large.

The People of the Coast.

A small ethic group found along the cliffs of Khorvistan, the coastal peoples are a close-nit and isolated group. They work the ships and docks of the nation, and seem to be more at home on the water than on land. The small, weather-beaten people, tan from the sun and the wind, have managed to secure their place in the kingdom by their skill on the water. It is hard to find a ship or barge along the rivers of the nation without a coastalman about. The coastal people seem simple to many, and most avoid talking to them due to their language difference. The coastal folk’s native language, which they all learn growing up, has many difficult to translate phrases which results in much confusion when attempting to communicate with them.

The People of the Mountains

The Mountain folk are short, blond people, with pale skin. They live in tight-knit communities in their mountain stead-holds, with several families and generations sharing the space. This upraising results in a different set of social norms, and often misunderstanding of social norms between the mountain people and others. The culture of the mountains is a deep and convoluted mix of stories and legends, which many mountain people take as complete truth – resulting in a hodgepodge of small daily rituals they do without thinking, which are oddities for everyone else.

The People of the Valley

The People settled in the valleys of Khorvistans’ mountains are a proud, people, descended from both the mountain folk and the desert folk. Their ancestors followed the teachings of Maeve, in the early days. After the war between the southern nations of Maeve, The First King, Khorvin offered them a place in his new kingdom, which most of the people accepted. They are seen by many as a reminder of the remaining danger of Maeve’s influence, as many gifted individuals are born to the Valley people. However, the Valley people have worked hard to overcome the negativity surrounding their history, by working directly toward the problems with a no-nonsense attitude.

Peoples of Khorvistan

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